Ratnagiri Balamurugan Temple

02 Jun

The Ratnagiri Balamurugan Temple is situated at Vellore in TamilNadu.This temple is around 13 kms away from Vellore adjacent to the vellore chennai national highway. Ratnagiri Bala Murugan temple is a small and cute temple. Lot of devotees visit Vellore Golden Temple, or travel to Vellore can visit this great shrine of Lord Murugan and get his blessings. Ratnagiri Balamurugan temple is an ancient Murugan temple and was built around the 14th century. Over the passage of time an ordinary sand structure was converted into a stone shrine. It is very difficult to miss it from the highway as the temple is on top of a small hillock.

The Ratnagiri temple is dedicated to Lord Muruga. There are two forms of the deity in this temple-one is Lord Thirukkolam, seen with his wives Valli and Deivanai,and the other is Lord Gurukkolam. The idol of the main deity Bala Murugan is very beautiful. The wall surrounding the shrine has the small idols of Ganesha, Dakshinamurthy, Murugan, Brahma, Durga, and Chandikeswarar. The 14th Century poet Arunagiri nadhar has sung about this templeas ‘RathinakiriVazh MurukaneIlaya Vaaramarar Perumaley’,which means ‘Murugan,the God of Devas resides in Rathinagiri’.

History says that this temple was built in the 14th century, by Arunagiri Nathar. But now with the efforts of Bala Muruganadimai swamigal who has taken interest, and has renovated from scratch the temple is huge now with devotees flocking throughout the year toget the Lords blessings and has built a beautiful temple than can and should be an example for renovating other hill temples.

One of the special feature soft his temple is that the prayers and archanai or holy verses are recited in the local language Tamil. It is believed that the divine power in the temple manifests its blessings in three forms

1.In the form of the Lord Murugan idol in the shrine
2.In the form of the guru Swami Balamurugan Adimai
3.In the form of the devotee.

Pilgrims to most of our hill temples suffer because of too much heat\Sun and Less Space\Air. That is something you don’t have to worry about here, the entire Temple is covered by 3 storey high ceilings with Hugh pillars which ensure that pilgrims are protected from the heat\Sun and at the same time have sufficient air circulation. The sannidhis are well spaced out and should accommodate a decent enough crowd. The granite floors ensure a soothing walking surface. The temple is also maintained clean and spotless.

Darshan Timing : 6.00am-1.00pm & 4.00pm-8.00pm

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