Sripuram Golden Temple

01 Jun

Sripuram Golden Temple is located at Thirumalaikodi which is about 8 kms from Vellore. Vellore is located at about 130 kms, 220 kms and 100 kms from Chennai, Bengaluru and Tirupati. where the Golden Temple or the Lakshmi Narayani Temple dedicated to the Goddess Mahalakshmi stands tall displaying true architectural splendor. This temple is a very popular tourist destination for both those who seek spiritual solace and for those who wish to revel in an architectural marvel. An estimated over 600 Crores of Indian Rupees has been spent in the construction of this Golden Temple.
One of the biggest hindu shrines in southern india, the Sripuram Golden Temple a grand golden temple built by a spiritual organization in Tamil Nadu.
A Mahalakshmi temple called ‘Sripuram’ and made of more than a ton of pure gold will glitter and gleam under the sun on August 24 when it is unveiled for consecration by the Sri Narayani Peetam headed by a 31-year-old godman who calls himself Narayani Amma. Devotees hail the temple as ‘one of the wonders of the world’ and say that it is the only temple covered fully with gold.
More than 400 gold and coppersmiths from the Tirupathi Thirumala Devasthanam are said to have worked for six years to craft the Rs. 600-crore golden temple located on 55,000 sq ft of land on a 100-acre salubrious stretch in Malaikodi, about 6 km from Vellore in north Tamil Nadu. According to official sources, the gold bars were purchased through RBI in “a transparent manner”
First the coppersmiths set to work creating a copper base on the temple structure with engravings and etchings before the gold, beaten into nine layers of foils, was draped around it. The sanctum sanctorum will hold the deity of Mahalakshmi made of stone granite, but covered with gold protection layers. (Kavacham – adornments).
The temple has been designed in such a way that visitors can reach the golden temple only after going through a star-shaped pathway, which has the quotes from Gita, Bible and Quran displayed on either side.
“When one enters the Sripuram, their focus is just on the magnificent temple. But when they leave, they cannot do so without taking some messages and gaining some wisdom”, according to a booklet detailing the ‘services’ rendered by the peetam. “In this quagmire of materialism, Sripuram rises as an inspiration to man to find the divinity within him”, adds a brochure.

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