Amirthi Zoological Park

01 Jun

The picturesque of Amirthi Forest, Amirthi Zoological Park is situated under the Javadu Hills of Tellai across Amirthi river which is 25 kms away from Vellore. It is also a tourist spot. This zoological park was started in October, 1967. The area of the park is 25 hectares and one can find beautiful water falls.

Half of this jungle is cleared to serve as a tourist spot while the other half is developed as a wildlfie sanctuary. A trek for a km leads one to a full view of seasonal waterfall. The inflow of tourists is more only during the holidays.

Animals at the park include spotted deer, mongoose, hedgehog, foxes, reason monkeys, red headed parrots, love birds, tortoices, peacock,m crocodiles, wiild cats, eagles, ducks, pigeons, wild parrots, rabbits, and pythons. Swings, Seesaw etc., are there for children to play. Numerous kinds of herbal plants and trees and sandal wood trees also grow here. There are 2 rest houses and five members can stay in one dormitory. There is a meditating hall where one can have full concentration and be in serenity.

This zoological park has been recognized recently and so the state government has taken initiative to develop this area.

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