Vaikuntha Perumal Temple

26 May

Vaikuntha Perumal Temple is one of the oldest shrines in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. It is believed to have been built around the 7th century by Nandivarman Pallavamalla. This beautiful temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Vaikunthavalli Tayar (Goddess Lakshmi). Here is the three sanctums where in the first sanctum the Lord gives dharshan in sitting posture, in the middle the Lord gives dharshan in the reclining posture and in the third the Lord gives dharshan in the standing posture.

This temple is famous for its religious importance and unique architectural grandeur. The Vaishnavas mentions it as a very sacred place. Vaikuntha Perumal temple is one of the hundred and eight Divya desams. The builder of this temple Nandivarman whose original name was Parameshwara so the temple was originally known as ‘Parameshwara Vishnugriham’ after the name of this king.

One of the main attractions of Vaikuntha Perumal Temple, Kancheepuram is the exceptional 1000-pillared hall. The unique characteristic about it is that each pillar has a statue carved on it. Lion pillars support the enclosed passages inside the temple. The architecture of the temple has played a vital role in the architectural evolution of the grand thousand pillared mandaps built in the later south Indian temples.

On the wall of the temple, there are several religious sculptures which is very unique and important. On the inner wall of the verandah running around the four sides of this temple, also has a series of historical sculptures. There are several historical sculptures found in this temple, which is not available in any other temples of India itself.

In one of the upper chambers is a giant golden lizard. Makeshift ladders permit devotees to touch the lizard. Devotees believe that touching the lizard in this sanctified chamber absolves us of the sin of previously hurting lizards; it also protects us from future harm by lizards.

Maha Sivarathri Festival and Vaikunta Ekadesi Festival is celebrated in a grand manner where about three lakh people visit this temple during this time. This sthalam tells us how the vaishnavam and Saivam relationship should be treated. Veerochana king worshipped Lord shiva for the child, but it was the Vishnu Bhaktha who were born. So, it clearly tells that there should be no any fights (or) misunderstanding between the caste and all the Gods are said to be treated as a single one.

Darshan Timing : & 2.00pm-5.30pm

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