Kundrathur Shri Murugan Temple

28 Mar

Kundrathur Shri Murugan Temple

Kundrathur is a small place which is around 28 km from chennai, situated in middle of Porur, Poonamalee and Pallavaram but it has a cluster of seven temples within its boundaries. The popular saying is that the Lord Subramaniar sat at the hilltop of this Kundrathur. Two other goddessess also are found to accompany Subramaniar here. It is further said that while travelling from Thiruporur to Thiruthanigai on a holy day Lord Subramaniar rested in this hill. Because Lord Subramaniar set in the direction of north Thanigai, the entire place got the name of South Thanigai. The presiding deity in the famous Kundrathur Murugan temple which is located on the hills is a form of Lord Shiva and is known as Lord Subramaniar who sits atop the hill along with the goddess Valli and Deivanai in Kundrathur.

The mythological saying associated with the temple is that the Lord halted on the hills of Kundrathur during his journey from Tiruporur to Truttanigai. The temple dates back to the reign of the famous emperor of Chola dynasty- King Kulothunga Chola-II.  This is a small hill temple for Lord Subramanya or Muruga with His two consorts built by King Klothunga Chola – II. Legend has it that Lord Muruga stayed in the hill on an auspicious day during His travel from Thirupporur to Thiruthani.

This place is also known as South Thanigai since Lord Subramaniar is sitting in the direction of north facing Thanigai and this is the only Murugan temple in Tamilnadu where the God is facing north. In the moolasthanam subramanyar stays with his consorts valli and devayani. The other specialty being that Lord Subramaniar can be seen with only one Goddess at a time though He is present with both of His consorts. The Saint Poet ‘Arunagirinathar” has visited this temple and has sung “Thiripugazh” on the Kunrathur murugan. The temple celebrates karthigai deepam in a
grand manner and deepam will be lit on the hill temple. Kartikai asterism each month is considered sacred here. Skanda sashti in the month of Aippasi and “Padi Utsavam” in the month of Vaikasi are the main festivals celebrated here. In the inner praharam Shivan, Amman, and Vinayagar can be seen. In the outer praharam bhairavar, navagrahas, nagalingam under a peepal tree, dhaksinamurthy and durgai have separate sannidhis.

Bus Routes :

From Vadapalani : M88, SM88

From Central : M88M, LM88A

From Koyambedu : M88EXT

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