Sri Parthasarathy Temple

18 Mar

Sri Parthasarathy Temple

Sri Parthasarathy Temple is located at Triplicane, near the famous Marina beach in Chennai. Spread over an area of 1.5 acres, it was built by the Pallavas in the 8th century. The temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna (Parthasarathy), houses images of the five incarnations of Vishnu. It also has a small shrine dedicated to Vedavalli Ammai, Vishnu’s consort. Parthasarathy in the sanctum sanctorum is in a standing posture facing east, holding in his right hand the divine conch called the Panchajanyam. His lefthand is in Dana Mudra indicating his divine feet.

The shrine of Venkatakrishnan at the Parthasarathy Temple is considered equivalent to that at Tirupati. The deity is seen with his consort Rukmini on his right and his brother Sri Balram on his left.

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna was the charioteer for Arjuna during the Mahabharata war when he gave the Hindu holy book of Bhagavad Gita. Hence, the main deity, Sri Parthasarathy’s face is full of scars created by the arrows of the Great Bhishma in the Kurukshetra war. Other unusual things about this deity are that He is seen with a moustache and without his weapon Chakra. The reason attributed is that He promised not to take weapons in the Mahabharatha war and hence he has only his conch. As He was the charioteer He sported the moustache keeping with the tradition.

Though the Parthasarathy temple is devoted to the various incarnations of Lord Vishnu the main deity is ‘Lord Krishna’ one of the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Also the other exquisite feature of this Parthasarathy temple is the colored gopuram. ‘Gopuram’ is said to the pyramidical shaped temple top which is a stereotyped feature of the South Indian temples.

To add some variety to your temple journey visit the Parthasarathy temple in Chennai. Though the common features of ancient temples are very much prevalent in this ancestral temple but it has some striking features, which makes the temple outstanding among others.

Darshan Timing : 5.00am to 1.00pm & 3.00pm to 8.00pm

Bus Routes :

From Egmore : 27B, 29A, S27B, M22, S29A, S40A, L40A

From Central : L6A, M28, 27BNS

From Koyambedu : 27B, S27B, 27BNS

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