Tiruvotriyur Thyagarajaswami Temple

16 Mar

Thiruvotriyur Thyagarajaswami Temple

Thiruvotriyur Thyagarajaswami temple is one of the ancient Shiva temples in Chennai.

This temple is one of the three important Shivasthalams (places where Lord Shiva is worshipped) other than Thiruvanmiyur (Marundeeswarar) and Thirumayilai (Kapaleeswarar). This temple is situated in North Chennai .

Glorified in the hymns sung by the 3 saivite saints Appar, Sundarar and Sambandar is the famous Shivasthalam at Tiruvotriyur in Chennai. Lord Shiva is known here as Adhipureeswarar, Tyagarajar and Padampakka Nathar. The marriage of Sundarar, one of the Nayanmars, to Paravai Natchiar and Sangli Natchiar was held here with the bleesings of Lord Shiva. This is a big temple with big corridors and visited by devotees in large numbers. The temple main tower (Rajagopuram) is in the east which is about 120 feet in height. There is also another tower on the west. One can go straight to the Adhipuresswarar shrine by entering through the west tower. Adhipuresswarar is in the form of sivalingam and faces west. The shrine of female deity Vadivudai Amman attracts a large gathering of devotees on Fridays and full moon days. It is located on the eastern outer corridor facing south and can be seen on the right once we enter the temple through the east tower.

The Thyagarajar shrine is located on the outer southern corridor and is facing east. A mandapam in front of this shrine has an opening in the south through which one can enter the shrine of Adhipureeswarar. The other shrines in this temple are: Murugar, Kulandhai Easwarar, Kalyana Sundarar, Bhairarar and Navagraha shrines. The sculpture of Egapathamurthy which is found on the southern outer wall of the sanctum sanctorum is worth viewing.

According to mythology, this shivasthalam is considred as the first shivasthalam after the great deluge (pralayam). Lord Shiva is hence known as Adhipureeswarar and is a lingam of earth. This lingam is covered with a kavasam which is removed only during the full moon day in the Tamil month of Karthigai (November 15th to December 15th). The special poojas performed during this time is considered very auspicious and devotees assemble in very large numbers to witness the pooja and get the blessings of Lord Shiva.

The pillars in this temple mandapam have inscriptions from the period of Chola Kings Parakrama Chola I and Uttama Chola. There are 108 sivalingams in this temple. The festival conducted during the Tamil month of Masi (February 15th to March 15th) is the main attraction of this temple.

Visiting Hours : from 6.00am to 12.00on and from 4.00pm to 8.30pm

Bus Routes :

From Egmore : 28, 28B, S28, X101, S101, 28A

From Central : 28, 28B, S1B, S28, X101, S101, M28, X1B, 28A

From Koyambedu : 159A, S159A, 159AN, M159E


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