Thiruverkadu Karumaariamman Temple

16 Mar

Thiruverkadu Karumaariamman Temple

Karumaariamman temple is located in a small village named Thiruverkadu at a distance of 18 km from Chennai. Thiruverkadu is a small place also well known place among the people for its Sri KarumariammanTemple which is believed to be a Goddess of procreation and remover of all human ailments. Thiruverkadu by itself is an abode of a number of herbs and plants that have high medicinal value.

The primary deity in the temple is the Mariamman which is popularly known as Amman or “mother”. As you make an entrance to the grand temple, there is a Shrine of Vinaygar on the left side of the flag staff. Historically, it is believed that the Goddess Mariamman was pleased with the worship and the offerings of the Vinaygar and hence blessed him with that the people will first offer prayers to him before they pray the Goddess. This tradition has been maintained till date.

Also, Sunday is observed as a very auspicious day in the temple. There is a mythological tale behind this which says that the Goddess DeviKarumamariamman one day disguised herself as a nomadic lady and the Sun God’s misbehavior angered her. The Sun God was cursed by the Devi and then after several pleading the Devi Marriamman blessed him and Sunday was from then onwards celebrated in a special way in this temple.

Architecture wise, the Marriamman temple is as magnanimous as any other temple. The walls and the tiers of the temple are beautifully done and are a true reflection of the Dravidian architecture. The idol of the deity is done artistically and is divinely crafted and tastefully decorated, mostly in red color.

People come here to seek blessings for children, getting cured for ailments and married women throng the temple for taking the Goddess blessings for procreation.

There are a number of Pujas and festivals that are organized in the temple, that at tract crowd from all the neighboring states.  The Thaipoosa Latcharchana and the Poornima Latcharchana are the main occasions. While on a visit to Chennai, this temple is worth paying a small visit.

Darshan Timing : 6.30am to 12.00pm & 4.00pm to 8.00pm

Bus Routes :

From Egmore : M127B, M50, M50EX

From Central : M50, M50EX, M150

From Koyambedu : 27C, S27C, S170, X27C

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