Snake Park

14 Mar

Snake Park

Guindy Snake Park is next to the Guindy National Park, Snake Park is located on Sardar Patel road in Guindy near Chennai. This is one of the eco friendly and environment friendly biological parks that attract many tourists. It houses a variety of rare reptiles, different species, including deadly king cobras, vipers, pythons, adders, kraits, adders, giant turtles and monitor lizards.

While at the Snake Park in Chennai, take note of the information furnished about different types of snakes and the common misconceptions surrounding them. A museum of preserved specimens of reptiles and amphibian’s is an added attraction. In its endeavor to spread information about snakes, the Snake Park also published periodicals.

Adjacent to the Snake Park in Guindy, you will find the Children’s Park – an enjoyable collection of birds and animals. This area also houses a play park for the kids. The elephant and pony rides are popular with the children visiting this park. Do not miss the antics of the monkey. Admire the antelopes and spotted deer that amble along, be it the white buck, black buck and the small India Civet Cat. You may be able to spot a Grey Partridge, King Fisher or the Blue Jay.

Visiting Hours: 9.00am to 5.30pm (Tuesday – Holiday)

Bus Routes:

Central to Guindy : S1B, 18ANS, SD18, K18, L52B

Egmore to Guindy : L23C, S23C

Koyambedu to Guindy : M70C, SD70, XD70, SM70, M70, X70A70, M170C, X114


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